Help us inspire and train the next generation of Black and brown tech leaders and entrepreneurs of South Los Angeles.

South LA students are bright, driven, and resilient. But what are they up against?


Live in poverty


report feeling unsafe


experience teen pregnancy


don't graduate high school


lack access to tech at home

We believe it's not about ability, it's about opportunity.

We are determined to disrupt these statistics by creating the SoLa Tech & Entrepreneurship Center. This center will offer South LA youth a community-oriented, safe learning space to build their career readiness and workforce skills.

SoLa Tech Education

We opened our doors to the Summer Tech Camp in June 2021 and are offering camp activities through the end of the summer. Our campers have been participating in different experiences utilizing state-of-the-art iMac and gaming computers, Oculus virtual reality headsets, old-school arcade games, and more. 

During the height of the pandemic, we offered 1,200 hours of high-quality, free, virtual technology classes to more than 125 South LA students throughout the summer and fall of 2020.


South LA students accomplished the following from our virtual programming:


of participants now skilled in basics of coding, animation, & graphic design


of participants now want to become coders


expressed interest in pursuing a career in a field they discovered at our tech programs


students were introduced to these subjects for the first time

Something I have learned about myself while taking this course is having the courage to try something new and learn from my mistakes. Also, even if it is hard at first I never have to doubt my answers.

Beverly, 16

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Coding


Mother of Felix, 11

SoLa Tech Camper

Felix absolutely loved it. He looked forward to it everyday. He wanted me to drop him off as soon as possible and pick him up the latest possible. After this week, he said he's thinking about becoming someone who creates music.

Jennifer, 17

Coding & Design

I plan to use this curriculum later on in college to major in a STEM course that includes coding; additionally, I plan to also use the analytical skills and problem solving abilities in the real world.

Tech Center Space Concept

Gaming Center Concept

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SoLa Tech & Entrepreneurship Center will open permanently at The Beehive in
early 2022.

We can only accomplish this with the generous support of philanthropic organizations and corporate partners who want to support the growth of young people in South LA.

Together we can uplift the South LA community and change the trajectory of their lives.